If you have not done this already…Discuss the help you need from the parents. For younger teams, see if one of the parents can set up a snack schedule and define what that entails. Or, if you have room ask the parents to provide you with snacks for a few meetings and make an Odyssey snack box. Or, have the parents give you a set amount of money that you will use to get snacks. I have done it all ways. The idea is to make it less stressful for you so that you can spend your time working with the kids and less time focusing on snack time. For middle school teams, see if one the kids can develop a schedule and they work on it together. We all know they can text each other about everything else.


Young teams do much better if they know once they reach a goal they get a snack break. Determine how you communicate best and relay that to the parents. Perhaps it is email, a note home with the kids, phone calls, a quick get together when kids are picked up, etc. I typically used email and at pick up to communicate, but select what works and let the parents know how you will let them know about Odyssey stuff. Just remember if you use kids to relay messages that some kids are better than others on relaying this information to parents.


If you have a parent who would like to help (lucky you), you need an advocate/friend in this wonderful venture, especially for younger teams, or more competitive ones‚ see if this person can help with making a spontaneous box and preparing spontaneous problems (more on this later)‚ this can be a lifesaver for you and assure the team is getting enough spontaneous practice. If you do not have help, you CAN DO IT, you might need more time and organization to pull it off. I would be happy to discuss any of this further.