Most of you (Coaches) have completed training! Woo hoo! One of your first meetings should be with at least one of the parents/guardians. Ask them to bring a calendar for review and recording of dates. Go over the required tournament dates (both regional and state) for any conflicts and have parents agree that his/her child will be there! Get a commitment for both the regional and state tournaments because there is no way to know at the beginning of the season, and even on tournament day what team is going to score at the top. If there is a serious conflict with the date please get this resolved up front, or contact the Association Director (AD), Calla Pott, or me for guidance. Odyssey is about problem solving, so we want to model that as an organization, if possible. There is often a solution, especially if addressed early. You do NOT want to find out a child (who has some of the largest lines in the skit, as would be your luck) cannot make the tournament two weeks before the date’s not fair to you as a coach, to the team mates or the kid herself, who likely has no control. In addition, please bring up the World Finals date and a brief discussion of the obligation (see the AD or me for more on this) so parents are not surprised at this next step in competition at the State tournament when their child’s team wins! I also suggest a contract signed by both the parent and child (a sample is in the Coaches Training Handbook-Role of the Coach). Make sure all of the kids understand what they are signing.