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December 5th, 2015 By Calla

Use a verbal spontaneous problem to encourage out-of-the box thinking by disallowing normal (boring) methods. Examples include:

* If both your arms were broken, how would you brush your teeth?

* Team members take turns communicating concepts or messages to the rest of the team without words (e.g. charades).

* How would they perform typical activities on “backwards day?”

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December 4th, 2015 By Calla

12-04 Everything Connects

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December 3rd, 2015 By Calla

See if you can make contact with a high school drama teacher or community theater person and ask them to give the team some tips about speaking on stage and other stagecraft. (This is not outside assistance as long as the information is general–nothing specific to the problem or to the team’s ideas!)

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December 2nd, 2015 By Calla

Last week we approached the subject of how to teach teamwork. How do you teach creativity? Check out pp. 11-12 of the Program Guide. What are some examples of times that you felt very creative? What skills helped you in that creative process? What can you take from those creative successes that you can pass along to your team members?T.A.S Creativity Is Making Mistakes

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December 1st, 2015 By Calla
Divide & Conquer – Teamwork is about each team member appreciating the strengths of each other. One way to help foster this is for each kid to be responsible for specific sections of the Long Term problem and become the “expert” of that section for the team: 1 for The Problem and Site & Set Up, 3 for Limitations, 2 for Scoring, and 1 for Style. Also, use our skills survey from Coaches Training to learn what each team member likes to do, wants to learn and prefers not to do. The skills survey can also be found on our Coaches Corner>Training Sessions>Role of the Coach Handbook section.
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