November, 2019



November 1st, 2019 By Calla

Calling all Omers to design the this year’s Colorado Odyssey state pin. Download the entry form and submit by Dec. 15th! Artistic skills not required – send us your ideas. Check out our pins from past years below and you can choose to include Omer or not – it’s up to you!

Pin Design Entry Form

2013-2014 CO Odyssey Pin

2012-2013 CO Odyssey Pin

2011-2012 CO Odyssey Pin

2010-2011 CO Odyssey Pin



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Spontaneous & Skill Building Workshops

November 1st, 2019 By Calla

Come enjoy and learn creative problem solving skills with challenging hands on and verbal hands on problems. Registration will open on Nov. 15th at 12 noon and teams can choose from 2 different dates and 2 different 90 minute sessions. Teams, coaches and parents will get an inside look of spontaneous competition while learning new approaches to solving those unique problems. Team members will develop out of the box thinking, identify different uses for common materials and teamwork skills. Teams also will learn the importance of taking a minute or two to brainstorm ideas and develop a plan to solve the problem. Visit the event information on our Calendar menu to register and learn more.

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