Hi Coaches, Coordinators, Judges & Volunteers,


With a heavy heart we are making the decision to cancel the rest of the season but believe it is the right decision given all our families are dealing with now and for the foreseeable future. Tracy, Paula, Kathy and I have reviewed the results of the survey, and while many want to continue the season if it is safe, the ability to hold an in person tournament on April 25th, the week kids are scheduled to return to in person classes, would only add more strain on coaches, teams, judges and volunteers at a time when they have more important priorities. The option of a video or live streaming was discussed however, with Governor Polis instructions to limit group gatherings to less than 10 and the burden this places on families, judges and our volunteer leadership team to figure it all out was more than I wanted to put on people. My concern for Odyssey and the kid’s experience is outweighed by concern and empathy for our families and all they are burdened with during this time.


If Worlds is held, we will figure out a way to move those teams forward if we have more teams interested in participating than is allowed by CCI. In the meantime, please check out our Facebook page as we are posting daily online resources, activities, virtual field trip opportunities, and more during this at home time period.


Also, we would like to plan a creativity festival sometime this summer with areas for performances, spontaneous problems, giant jenga, bbq and whatever else our creative problem solving brains can imagine. For now, thanks for your patience, support, and kind words during this ever changing time. Stay well and I know we will get through this together with teamwork and creative problem solving.


Calla Pott

Association Director