In late August as Colorado bounced between CDPHE levels Blue (Caution) and Yellow (Concern), we felt we could safely conduct in-person meetings and events. Since then, the Delta variant has proven to be a pesky variant. As circumstances have changed, we have re-evaluated the safety risks associated with holding in-person events for participants from various regions of the state. Given the current community transmission level for most of Colorado is at Orange (High Risk) or worse as defined by the CDPHE, we are postponing the in-person portion of our Coach’s Training for November. First-year coaches should still participate in the online self-paced portion and the live webinar as scheduled. We hope to offer the in-person portion in early December or early January and until then, we encourage coaches to view Odyssey Academy to bridge the gap.

Moving forward and not knowing what the future holds, we have developed how CO Odyssey will conduct events relative to the current CDPHE COVID-19 Status. Please view our COVID-19 Protocol for more information and what to expect as the community transmission level changes.

When we do hold in-person events we expect participants to be truthful and honest as to their current status. Please stay home if sick or self-quarantine if any participants have been exposed to or in close contact (within 6 feet for at least 10 minutes) to a symptomatic person. Please follow all protocols including proper mask wearing, cough & sneeze etiquette, frequent hand sanitizing and social distancing. We will verify the host facility has followed CDPHE guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting along with providing hand sanitizer, and disinfecting materials prior to use. As an organization, our goal is to safely return to in-person events by following these guidelines. We don’t want to contribute to the problem, we want to be part of the solution.