Hello Coaches, Coordinators, Judges & Volunteers,

Given the recent CDC recommendation to ban all events of 50 or more people for 8 weeks except for businesses, K-12 and higher learning, Tracy, Paula, Kathy and I will be discussing back up plans to back up plans to back up plans. We can all appreciate this is an ever changing situation. Please know we are staying on top of these updates and need time to reevaluate, develop new contingency plans, and work with the Odyssey of the Mind main office. We will communicate with you all as soon as decisions have been made and we are trying to do this as quickly as possible when new directives are issued.


Keep being creative problem solvers, practice social distancing and suspend practices for the immediate future, wash your hands often, sneeze/cough into your elbow, and stay away from others if not feeling well.


Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all navigate a new and quickly evolving situation. We wish you and your families good health during this time.


Calla Pott
State Association Director