Welcome back to another great season of Odyssey of the Mind in Colorado where creative problem solving is at its peak!

Curious about this year’s LongĀ Term Problems? Read the
2021-2022 Long Term Problem Synopses
or watch this video on Odyssey of the Mind HQ YouTube channel
2021-2022 Long Term Problems

Once your school submits its national registration eitherĀ online or through your Regional Director if more than 10 schools from the same district, you will receive access to the full problems! Please note there will be a price increase for national memberships effective October 16th. Until then, the same rate since 1993 will be in effect, $135 for full access to the long term problems and field up to 5 teams per problem per division plus Primary teams for schools who have K-2 grades. In the meantime, be sure to access our CO Odyssey Member Materials Google Drive folder for the School Coordinators Starter Kit, Member Packet and more!