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Coaching An OM Team

Welcome to the 40th season of Odyssey of the Mind in Colorado! Becoming an Odyssey of the Mind Coach will probably be one of the most rewarding volunteer roles you will ever have. As a coach, you will help guide up to 7 students to develop creative and critical thinking skills, learn to solve difficult problems in a team environment while allowing all ideas and solutions to be the students’ own. In the end, you will absolutely be amazed by what the kids have created and solved completely on their own…but they could not have done it without you as their coach!


It's As Easy 1-2-3-4


You do not need to be an expert in a particular area, you just need to have a passion to see kids grow and learn through a fun project-based program.

Register and attend training sessions that include:

  1. A self-paced online session

  2. A live evening webinar

  3. An in-person experiential half day

We have tons of resources to support you throughout the season including:

  • Daily Facebook & Instagram posts to provide you just in time coaching tips & reminders

  • Bi-monthly Zoom check in sessions with our Coaches Coordinator

  • Monthly coach’s newsletters

  • Access to Odyssey Academy

  • Our Regional Directors

  • Your School Coordinator

And most importantly, by volunteering as a coach, not only do you make the program possible for your child and their team members, but you will make a difference in their lives!

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