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Coaches Training & Registration Information 

Our coaches training is meant to be hands on! We will have you creating Style elements with recycled materials, solving Spontaneous problems, creating a schedule to help stay on track throughout the season, playing OM Jeopardy to turn outside assistance statements into questions to ignite creative and critical thinking skills in your team, going on a scavenger hunt through the Program Guide to become better acquainted with its contents, developing camaraderie and sharing laughs with other coaches and much more! 

  • One coach from each team is required to attend a half day in-person experiential training.

  • You will choose either a morning or an afternoon classroom session depending on the date/location of your choice.

  • Co-coaches or assistant coaches are encouraged to attend as well.

  • If you have attended 4 years of training, please contact Calla Pott at .

  • There is an additional $50 team registration if none of the team’s coaches attended training.

    • We want to assure you we do not want to assess fees, but we need to be fair to those team’s whose coach did attend training and provide equal support to all coaches. As an all volunteer program, we also want to be respectful of those who are volunteering their time to provide training.

First Year Coaches or Coaches Who Have Not Attended Training Previously
  • In addition, 1st year coaches will take part in an online self paced learning environment at their convenience and a live webinar.

  • It is important that coaches review the Schoology online material and take the checkpoints prior to the webinar.

  • 1st year coaches will also attend a 75 minute webinar the week prior to the classroom training.

  • It is imperative that you participate in the webinar so you have a solid foundation before attending the in-person experiential session. This allows your in-person experience to be an interactive experience.

  • You will receive information about accessing the online self paced learning environment and the webinar after you submit your coaches training registration.


Coaches Training Registration will open in early October and there is no cost to attend coaches training. If you have never attended coaches training, please select “None” as your experience level to ensure you receive the link to the online self paced learning environment and the webinar. All webinars are 7:00-8:15 pm. Once you have completed the registration, you will receive an email confirmation.

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