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Preparing for Tournament

The big day is almost here and this is the time when there are just not enough hours to complete everything the team wants to be done. You will likely practice more often and for possible longer sessions. This is normal and it is important to communicate this with the parents. However, please remember it is the team’s solution and accept that your team will do fine – you have taken them this far and they have become great problem solvers because of you! The best that you can do the week before the tournament is help them determine what needs to get done and what will need to left out.


A Few Tips As Tournament Day Nears

Remind the parents about Outside Assistance and forward the Tournament Newsletter to them to help keep them in the loop with all the activities for the day. And of course, celebrate, celebrate and celebrate all the team has accomplished during the season!

  • Make sure the skit is completed in less than eight minutes, including set up time starting from the staging area.

  • Conduct a dress rehearsal for the family members and/or the school

  • Complete the competition forms (4 Style, 4 Required List, 1 Cost, 1 Outside Assistance) and save an additional copy for the team should they advance. Coaches of Primary & Division I teams can write, but the team must dictate what to write.

  • Forms are located in the back of the Program Guide Book or on the national website under Member Area>Forms & Problems.

  • Membership Sign—This is required for all teams and needs to be readable from a distance. See page 41 of the Program Guide.

  • Toolbox—Also known as the “Murphy’s Law” kit—all the things that may be needed in an emergency on competition day.


Tournament Etiquette

Colorado Odyssey is very fortunate to have the support of school districts through the generous use of schools for tournaments. As guests, it is important to remind each other to be respectful of their property and be good role models for kids when we see unacceptable behavior.


We hope you will join us in supporting and recognizing all the hard work these teams and coaches have demonstrated throughout the season at the regional tournaments. We look forward to seeing you at tournaments in the next few weeks and please visit the Tournaments menu for more information.

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