Getting Started


TRAINING FOR COACHES…We’re Here To Support You!

Each year Colorado Odyssey hosts several coaches training workshops to get you started with everything you need. There is no cost to attend these workshops and even if you have not purchased your national membership, you can still attend. Coaches have told us these workshops are so comprehensive and provide the much needed tools and information to make this journey a fun and creative one for both kids and coaches. In addition we have a Coaches Mentor program where you can ask questions, brainstorm ideas and more as you work with your team throughout the season. Please see the Becoming a Coach page for more information about dates and locations of this year’s training and the Coaches Mentor program.





Teams are formed by division and compete against teams in the same division and problem. Grade level determines the division for teams in the U.S. In competition, each school membership may enter one team per problem for each division it covers. Community groups and home-schooled members may enter one team per problem.


The team must compete in the lowest division for which it qualifies. For example, if a team qualifies for Division II it cannot compete in Division III. The team member in the highest grade (U.S.) or the oldest (Other International) determines the team’s division as follows:



High school students taking accredited courses do not qualify for Division IV. There is a division finder at online to use to determine the division of “Other International” teams for Divisions I, II and III. No special exceptions will be granted to allow a team to change its division.