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2023-2024 OM Long Term Problem Synopses

Problem 1.png

Drive-In Movie

OM teams get the best seat in the house as they visit a drive-in and even become part of the movie being played! In this problem, teams will design, build, and run a vehicle with a team-created rider that travels to a drive-in theater. In the performance, the movie takes place all around the vehicle when suddenly a team-created special-effect occurs on the vehicle that makes it seem to become part of the action! It will include a lead actor character along with all the fun that comes with this nostalgic outdoor movie experience.

Problem 2.png

AI Tech-No-Art

Some contraptions and devices seem to make tasks much more complicated–and in this problem, that’s a good thing! Teams will create a device that will perform tasks including raising a flag and ringing a bell simply because they can. Once the device starts, it will complete the series of tasks without team assistance. The setting will be a team-created laboratory, and the performance will include an inventor character and a costume that changes its appearance.

Problem 3.png

Opening Night Antics

There is a saying in the theatre that no matter what happens during a performance, the show must go on. The same is true in OM! For this problem, teams will portray the Opening Night of a play based on a classic story. The Opening Night performance will not go as planned and will include a set malfunction, unexpected sound effects, and a theater critic. Despite the Opening Night Antics, the show is a success!

Problem 4.png

Deep Space Structure

The universe is full of mysteries we hope to discover and some we may not want to discover! In this problem, teams unravel an original mystery by portraying a balsa wood structure discovered in deep space. The structure will be examined, tested, interviewed, and observed. The performance will include an actual balsa wood and glue structure that is tested to balance and support weight, a character portraying the discovered deep space structure, and the scientists studying it.

Problem 5.png

Rocking World Detour

Are you ready to rock? Here is your opportunity! In this problem, OM teams will create a performance about a rock band on tour. Things get derailed in a very Odyssey way — while playing a song, the band is transported to an unexpected location. The band members must figure out how to use music to get them back on their tour. The performance will also include band merchandise and original hairstyles.

This problem is sponsored by ARM & HAMMER™.

Problem 6.png

The Night Life

When most people are sleeping, there is a whole new world that comes to life in the night. In this problem teams will create and present a performance about an explorer character that searches for things in nature that “wake up” at nighttime. It will also include a team-created original discovery, something that lights up, and a team member in costume that represents a nocturnal animal.

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