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Spontaneous & Skill Building Workshop

Two Dates | Two Locations

Registration for teams is on a first come basis.

Space is limited in each time slot to 6 teams for Spontaneous and 6 teams for Skill Building

If selecting both the Spontaneous and Skill Building Workshops, be sure to select a different time for each workshop

Ft. Collins - 1:15 pm and 3:00 pm

Kruse  Elementary

November 15th – Registration Opens
December 5th - Registration Closes & Payment Due 


December 15th – Registration Opens
January 16th - Registration Closes & Payment Due 

Spontaneous Workshop

Division I, II, and III Teams - Teams and coaches will rotate through two 45-minute spontaneous sessions to learn, practice and develop spontaneous skills. One session will be Hands On problems and the other session will be Verbal-Hands On & Verbal problems. Two 90-minute workshops will be available and the fee is $30.  

Skill Building Workshop

Division I, II, and III Teams - Teams and coaches will rotate through two 45-minute skill building sessions. These sessions are designed to enhance teams' skills in theater, comedy, use of recycled materials, style elements and more. A description of each session is below. Two 90-minute workshops will be available and the fee is $30. Important - Select 2 Skill Building sessions from the same time slot when registering your team.

Beyond Cardboard & Paint

Paint on cardboard or linen sheets is two-dimensional and often a staple of any team’s solution. But what if some of their backdrop, props or costumes had 3-dimensional elements? Teams will expand their creativity to transform style elements from 2D to 3D. Teams will create style elements using a variety of common household materials to bring their creativity to life!

Puns, Parodies & Punchlines

Who doesn’t like a good laugh?! Team members will learn and practice a variety of techniques to incorporate humor into their performances, how to turn ordinary situations into a comical scene and use props to create comedy out of everyday items.

Just imagine if the car prop in your team performance was actually made up of team members! Incorporating movement into performances can take a creative performance to the next level! Team members will let loose and let their imaginations soar in this workshop designed to get teams moving!

Creativity on the Move!

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

Time to look at that recycle items with a whole new mindset! Come explore typical recycled items and learn how to see their form, fit and function plus how SCAMPER (substitute, combine, adapt, modify, put to other uses, eliminate parts and reorganize) will help you create props, scenes elements, costumes & more. 

Happy? Sad? Old? Young? City? Mountains? Team members will learn and incorporate different emotion, character types or event setting using tone of voice, visual cues, movement and acting. Team members will then guess the emotion, the character type or event being portrayed.

Emoticons & Pantomime

Working With PVC Pipe

Fixed, movable, long, short, connectors, straight….learn the different ways to work and build with PVC pipe. Teams will build different devices with PVC pipe, learn different decorating techniques and where they can find PVC other than home improvement stores.

Step 1: Registration

Please use the SignUp Genius button to register you and your team to attend the December Spontaneous Workshop, the Skill Building Workshop or both. 

Step 2: Submit Payment

After completing Step 1, please return to this page and use the Purchase button or visit the Shop menu to submit payment. 

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