Colorado Odyssey of the Mind Is...

...a creative problem solving program for kids K-College where teams of up to seven members learn to think outside the box, work together to develop creative solutions to broadly defined problems, and present their solution in an eight minute performance.

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What Kids Say...

"My team is amazing! We work really well together, and we really enjoy Spontaneous. Also, I enjoy being creative and being funny. Finally, everyone is really supportive of each other and I love seeing others perform!" –Mariah Lorenz, Erie High School

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21st Century Skills

Odyssey of the Mind teaches 21st century skills that students need to be successful today and in the future. Children learn to think and work creatively while applying innovative approaches. Children develop skills to communicate clearly and effectively plus respectively collaborate with others.

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What Kids Say...

"I like building props and making the skit." –Erik West, Alpine Elementary

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Learning through Discovery

Odyssey of the Mind provides an extra-curricular activity for students that is driven by problem-solving, discovery, exploratory learning, and it requires students to actively engage in order to find its solution.

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What Kids Say...

"I get to think creatively and it get my brain working." –Clayton Gibbens, Namaqua Elementary

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Something for Every Child

The team process of solving the Long Term Problem, enhancing their solution with Style & learning Spontaneous skills provide something for every child & teaches kids to appreciate the strengths in each other.

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What Kids Say...

"I enjoyed making the set with my buddies and practices." –Caven Konkey, Bethke Elementary

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